Reading Session on cluster algebras

We will take the time we need for each lecture.

Lecture 1: The Cartan-Killing classification (by Anouk Bergeron-Brlek)     
- Dynkin diagrams,
- Definite positive symmetric matrices,
- Crystallographic root systems
See for instance in [H] (Chapter 2) or in  [F-R] (Lectures 1 & 2)

Lecture 2: Cluster algebras (by Philippe Choquette)     
- Sees and clusters
- Cluster algebras
- Example: homogeneous coordiante ring of Gr(2,n+3)
(illustrated with  the associahedron)
See for instance in [F-R] (Lecture 3 & Lecture 4.1) or in [F-Z 1] and [F-Z 4]

Lecture 3: The classification of finite type cluster algebras (by Huilan Li)     
See for instance [F-R] (Lecture 4.2) or [F-Z 2]

Lecture 4: Cluster complex and generalized associahedra (by Ziting Zeng)     
See for instance  [F-R] (Lecture 4.3 & 4.4) or in [F-Z 3]

Lecture 5: Quivers: an introduction (by Andrew Douglas)     
- Representations of quivers
- quivers of finite type
See for instance [F-R] (end of lecture 2.3) or [C-C-S 1] and [C -C-S 2] for references

Lecture 6: The (m-)Cluster category
(by Hugh Thomas)     
-Derived category of representations of quivers
-Defining the cluster category
-Recovering the cluster algebra from the cluster category
See for instance [BMRRT], [F-R]  and [T] for references


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[T] H. Thomas, preprint in preparation

See also the web page  of the reading sessions on cluster algebras,  Lyon, France (in french)

You will find more on cluster algebras  on the ArXiv

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