Graduate Level Algebra II (Math 6122), Nantel Bergeron

This is the second part of Math 6121: see Nantel Bergeron course web page 2017, hence Math 6121 (or equivalent) is preriquisite to this course.

Nantel Bergeron

tel: 736-2100 Ext 33968
Office: 2029 TEL BUILDING.


Algebra, T. W. Hungerford, GTM Springer. (recommended but not required)
Abstract Algebra, Dummit and Foote, Willey. (Highly recommended but not required)
An Introduction to Computational Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra, D. A. Cox, J. Little and D. O'shea, UTM Springer (Highly recommended but not required)

I plan as follow:

[I have add links to notes from John Campbell[JC] taken in 2017 when available]

Proposed Presentation or Projects (let me know in advance your intent so that we can coordinate when to present it and if it is relevant):

My list is not inclusive and is just suggestions


Students will be evaluated on five aspects (which are parts of the life of any living mathematician). The final grade will be base on the average of the best three of the following four:. 5 Participation in class (Being there, asking questions, being curious, etc.) is ALSO an important aspect of the evaluation. It may help increase any of your average above by up to 10%.
Nantel Bergeron
Office: 2029 TEL Building
email address: bergeron at yorku dot ca
Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
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