Mercedes Rosas has moved to Sevilla, Spain and is currently in the Department of Algebra at the University of Seville.
Her email address is at and the name is "m point h point rosas".
New web page Aug 2006.

Algebraic Combinatorics. Some links.

The greatest, a robot that solves Rubik's cube. The robot was constructed by Jonathan Brown. The program that computes the minimal solution was written by Mike Reid. Also the greatest, some Mathematical Sculptures made with Lego by Andrew Lipson.

Some pages you definitely should visit: Neil J. A. Sloane's Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences , Ron Knott's page on the Fibonacci Numbers, Tom Gettys' page on Platonics and Arquimidean solids, and Eric Weisstein's world of mathematics.

Some free sources of information avalaible on the web: The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, Séminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire, and the combinatorics section of the archive.

Finally, you could also visit the Web pages of some combinatorial people, and Mark Skandera Combinatorics photo album.

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