Mercedes Rosas has moved to Sevilla, Spain and is currently in the Department of Algebra at the University of Seville.
Her email address is at and the name is "m point h point rosas".
New web page Aug 2006.

Mercedes H. Rosas

Mercedes H. Rosas

Welcome to my homepage. I am a visiting professor at the University of York. Before coming here, I was a posdoctoral fellow at Laboratoire de combinatoire et d'informatique mathématique of the Université du Québec à Montréal, and a professor of mathematics at the Universidad Simón Bolívar in Caracas, Venezuela.

I wrote my Ph.D thesis at Brandeis University under the supervision of professor Ira Gessel. My research field is Algebraic Combinatorics. I'm interested in the study of symmetric functions, (and its generalizations such as MacMahon SF or symmetric functions in noncommutative variables), the free Lie algebra, permutation statistics, and enumerative combinatorics.

If you are interested on my research, you may want to look at my publications and preprints. I have also written a couple of artículos en español dedicated to my students in Caracas.

This semester I will be teaching Applications of Logic to Discrete Mathematics .

Some courses that I have taught (and that have their own homepage): Probability Theory, Generating Functions, Introduction to Algebra, and Analysis II.