Quiz #3

Do all three of the following problems. Let $d$ be the number on the whiteboard calculated from your student id. Clearly calculate this and put it at the top of your worksheet that you hand in.

Question #1: Find the point on the curve $y=sin(x)/x$ which is closest to the point $(-3\pi/2,1/2)$.

Question #2: Find the points on the curve $y=sin(x)/x$ which are closest to the line $y = -1+1/d$ which are subject to the constraint that the vector connecting the point on the line and the curve is parallel to the curve and $-3\pi \leq x \leq 0$.

Question #3: Graph $y=sin(x)/x$, $y=-1+1/d$, the point $(-3\pi/2,1/2)$ and all of your maxima and minima with the $x$ value on the curve $y=sin(x)/x$ the range of $-3\pi \leq x \leq 0$ (the range for your points on the line $y=-1+1/d$ may be different) and the lines connecting the curve and the relevant points. Graph them all on the same picture.

NOTE THAT THE PENALTY FOR HANDING THIS IS LATE IS QUITE STRICT. I WANT YOU TO DO THIS IN THE ALOTTED TIME. You should be able to complete this quiz within the class time. If you finish after the class time your overall grade for this assignment will be reduced by 20% per hour (or part thereof). Make sure that your file is uploaded by 1:30pm. Upload your worksheet to the course moodle.

You are expected to work alone on this assignment. Any indication of academic dishonesty will result in a $0$ for the assignment and possible higher penalties.