Picture Galleries

Many of these pictures have been shrunk to save space (espically the more recent). If you want to make a print of any of these pictures please ask me for a high resolution version.

Barcelona, Spain FPSAC'99 - June '99

CombinaTexas '01 and College Station - March '01

Grand Canyon and FPSAC'01 - May '01

New Prague, Minnesota November '01

Some pictures taken in Toronto '01

Joshua Tree NP - Decmber '01

Algonquin Provincal Park x-country skiing - February '02

CombinaTexas and Denton/Dallas - March '02

AMS Conference in Montreal May '02

Some pictures taken in Toronto '02

Washington D.C. for my brother's graduation

San Diego '02 SIAM meeting/beach party

FPSAC'02 in Melbourne Australia (1 roll of 3)

Mom and Dad's visit April '03

FPSAC '03 - Vadstena, Sweeden

West African Summer School on Algebraic Combinatorics, August 18-29, 2003

SIAM Meeting Discrete Mathematics, Nashville and a sidetrip to Graceland

Pictures from safari in Kenya

East African Summer School in Algebraic Combinatorics - Mombasa, Kenya July 4-16 '05

FPSAC '05 - Taormina, Sicily - Conference in honor of A. Garsia - June 20-25, 2005

Trip to see gorillas in Rwanda

Stop in Rome to visit Enrico and Claudio '05

Pictures from FPSAC '06 in San Diego (Pacific Beach)

AIM meeting July '05 and July '06

Nantel and Karin's wedding photos

Getting ready to jump out of an airplane

A branch (or two) of my family tree

Pictures from San Diego Summer 2006

Rome Incontro Italiano di Combinatoria Algebrica 2006

Christmas in San Diego with the family

Francois' thesis defense and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania June 2007

Jamal's birthday, November 2007

Bonus picture:  not mine - but I like it

Movie:  Thomas making breakfast - sorry that we haven't figured out how to rotate it