A photo essay about Texas A&M

In March 2001 Andrew and I went to visit Murray in College Station, Texas (for a conference too).  These are the pictures which tell the story of our amazing journey to the wonderful world of Aggieland.
Admittedly, we had a really good time and there are more personal pictures also.

The Bush family have had large influence on the town.
This quote is perhaps a comment on both the attitude of the town of College Station and an ironic commentary of the state of American politics.

If you are going to visit Texas, it helps to be the spirit of it all.  We dressed up to go out to the "Texas Hall of Fame."

This would be a typical sight around campus.  The guards are the students in the "Corps of Cadets" and are quite sexy in their uniforms.

Texas is a very colorful is unfortunate that the color is all marroon.

A poster for student elections around campus.
We give our vote to Becky.

The hamlet of Snook is only a short drive away from College Station.

The end....except for our more entertaining pictures of Becky's running mates.