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Some pictures of the Zabrocki Family tree

Alan, Monica, Estelle, Albin in San Diego
From left to right: Ernie Fowler, Florence Fowler, Albin Zabrocki, Estelle Zabrocki, Richard Hodge, Monica Zabrocki, Terry Hodge
Monica Zabrocki, Florence Fowler, Ernie Fowler, Estelle Zabrocki, Albin Zabrocki taken March 2006 in Northridge
Taken April 2006: Mike, Patrick, Sylvia, Monica, Alan (holding Playa), Matt, Aleksandra and Luke
Joey and Luke

The following tree shows the people that appear in these pictures and their relation to the rest of the Zabrocki family tree (names that appear in bold and red).

This information was taken from an announcement from a 90th birthday party for Albin Zabrocki on December 28, 2004.

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Here is a text list of everyone that appears on this page. Gration Zabrocki Pelagia Zabrocki Joseph Richard Zabrocki Clara Agnes Zabrocki Harry Raymond Zabrocki Nora Bernice Zabrocki Marion Zabrocki Albin Gregory Zabrocki Estelle Zabrocki Florence Margaret Fowler Ernest Fowler Terry Hodge Richard Hodge Leonard Herman Zabrocki Raymond John Zabrocki Alan Zabrocki Monica Marie Zabrocki Sharon Reibel Loren Reibel Peggy Seldat Michael Alan Zabrocki Matthew Darin Zabrocki Luke Anthony Zabrocki Aleksandra Zabrocki Patrick John Zabrocki Sylvia Zabrocki Joey Zabrocki Lara Bump Erin Seldat Brigid Seldat Matt Lunder Maria Jon Seldat Steve Reibel Beth Reibel Kerrie Hertaus Al Hertaus Ben Hertaus Jake Hertaus Brigid Hertaus Allie Hertaus Dave Reibel Ann Reibel Jackson Reibel Sam Reibel Reece Reibel