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18th International Conference on Formal Power Series & Algebraic Combinatorics

June 19–23, 2006 · San Diego, California
Catamaran Resort Hotel, Pacific Beach, USA

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Local Accomodations

The Catamaran Resort Hotel is the official hotel for the conference as well as the conference location. Special group rates have been reserved for the FPSAC conference, but only for a limited time. Deadline for reservations is May 19, 2006 or until all group rooms have been allocated &mdash whichever comes first. Reservations after the deadline are based upon availability. We highly suggest that booking your reservations as early as possible. All reservations require a deposit or credit card guarantee to hold them, and they may be canceled, without penalties up until 24 hours of your arrival date.

[Photo of Example Hotel Room]

More information about registration (including room rates and a webform for online registration) can be found via the Catamaran FPSAC'06 Website.

Room Sharing

If you are interested in sharing a hotel room with other attendees of the conference, then the organizers are willing to try to put you in touch with others who are also looking for someone to share a room with. Send an e-mail to fpsac06@mathstat.yorku.ca, and we will forward your message. It will be up to you to make arrangements in the end, but we can try to nonetheless aid your search.

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