Speaker of the Applied Algebra Seminar, Fall 1997:

29 Sept. 1997 Angele Hamel
(New Zealand)
Planar decompositions of shifted tableaux, pfaffians, and Schur Q-functions.
6 Oct. 1997 Frank Sottile
(University of Toronto)
Hopf Algebras of Labeled Posets.
20 Oct. 1997 Joaquin Carbonara
(Buffalo State University)
Enumerative properties of Rooted Weighted Necklaces.
3 Nov. 1997 Nantel Bergeron
(York University)
Schubert Polynomials.
10 Nov. 1997 Terry Gannon
(York University)
Schur polynomials at roots of unity
17 Nov. 1997 Yuri Medvedev
(York University)
Compact Periodic and Engel Groups
24 Nov. 1997 Stephanie van Willigenburg
(York University)
The p-modular descent algebra of the symmetric group
1 Dec. 1997 Nantel Bergeron
(York University)
Monoid Law and Order for the Symmetric Group
8 Dec. 1997 A. Kirillov
(CRM / St-Petersbourg)
Skew Schubert polynomials
9 Dec. 1997 A. Kirillov
(CRM / St-Petersbourg)
Quadratic algebras, Dunkl elements, and Schubert calculus
12 Dec. 1997 Y. Bahturin
Identities in Algebras with Actions of Hopf Algebras