Fall 2000  schedule

18 Sept. 2000 D. Verma
( T.I.F.R. India)
How to get the most from Schur's Lemma?:  An exercise in an Ab Initio 
Construction of Representations of Symmetric & General Linear Groups
27 Sept. 2000 Victor Kac 
Infinite-dimensional superalgebras and classification of elementary particles
2 Oct. 2000 Peter Slodowy 
(University of Hamburg)
Singularities and Lie Algebras 
9 Oct. 2000  Thanks Giving - No Seminar  
16 Oct. 2000 Friedrich Wagemann
(Fields Institute)
Cohomology of Lie algebras of vector fields on Riemann surfaces
13 Nov. 2000  N. Romanovskii 
On the Freiheitssatz for free products of pro-p-groups with relations.
15 Nov. 2000
Wednesday 3:00
Yanming Wang
(Zhongshan Univ.)
Properties of Subgroups and the Structure of Groups
17  Nov. 2000
Friday at 2:00
Alexander Lichtman
(U.  of Wisconsin-Parkside)
Linear groups over skew fields.
20 Nov. 2000  Alexei Krasilnikov
(Moscow Pedagogical U.)
The finite basis problem for the identities of algebras and groups.
27 Nov. 2000 Gaywalee Yamskulna, 
(U. of California at Santa Cruz)
Vertex operator algebras and dual pairs
4  Dec. 2000    
End of Year