Speaker of the Applied Algebra Seminar, Fall 1997:

19 Jan. 1998 Nantel Bergeron
(York University)
Basic Preliminary Concepts for A. Ram's Jan 26 Talks
26 Jan. 1998 Arun Ram
(Princeton U.)
Open problems in the theory of generalized standard Young tableaux
2 Feb. 1998 Stephanie van Willigenburg
(Visiting York University)
A new basis for idempotents in the descent algebra 
9 Feb. 1998 Frank Sottile
(University of Toronto)
Pieri-type formulas for flag manifolds 
16 Feb. 1998 Ian Goulden
(Waterloo U.)
Transitive factorizations in the symmetric group, and combinatorial aspects of singularity theory
9 Mar. 1998 Terry Gannon
(York University)
The Verlinde algebra explained so that even Algebraic Combinatoricists can understand 
16 Mar. 1998 Y. Billig
(U of New Brunswich)
Kac-Moody algebras and soliton theory. 
23 Mar. 1998 Andrew Dancer
Geometry of toric varieties
27 Mar. 1998 M. Atkinson
Sets of permutations closed under subsequencing
30 Mar. 1998 Yuri Medvedev
(York University)
From profinite groups to compact 
3 Apr. 1998 F. Bergeron
Variations on the Theme of Harmonics for the Symmetric Group 
6 Apr. 1998 Brian Taylor
(Wayne State University) 
Initial terms, products of determinants, and ``the Calculus of Shapes.  
13 Apr. 1998 R. Simion
(G.-Washington U.)
Relations between enumeration and convex polytopes  
22 Apr. 1998 Wolfgang N.Herfort,
(Technical University, Vienna)
Compact Periodic Groups
24 Apr. 1998 Louise-Charlotte Kappe
(SUNY at Binghamton)
Supplementation in Groups (at 12:00)