Winter 2001 schedule:

14 Jan. 2002 Pavel Shumyatsky
(University of Brasilia)

Varieties related to the Restricted Burnside Problem
21 Jan. 2002
Frederic Chapoton
Pre-Lie algebras in combinatorics and algebra
28 Jan. 2002
Nantel Bergeron
(York University)
More on Catalan and Quasi-symmetric Functions
4 Feb. 2002 Cedric Chauve
Enumeration and random generation of lagrangian tree-like structures
11 Feb. 2002 READING WEEK
18 Feb. 2002 Luc Lapointe
(McGill U.)
A filtration of the symmetric function space and new Schur functions.
25 Feb 2002 Helene Massam
(York University)
The Wishart distribution, spherical polynomials and the symmetric group.
4 Mar. 2002
Sindi Sabourin
(Queens University)
Pascal's Triangle and Hilbert Functions of Points
18 Mar. 2002 Angele Hamel
(Wilfrid Laurier U.)
Leaves in labeled trees and increasing sequences in permutation pairs
28 Mar. 2002
Hugh Thomas
Higher Bruhat Orders and Higher Stasheff-Tamari Posets
1 April 2002
Ada Chan
(U. of Waterloo)
Bose-Mesner Algebras attached to Jones Pairs
8 April 2002
Walter Tholen
(York Univ.)
The Nullstellensatz - Then and Now
9 April 2002
Kumar Murty
(U. of Toronto)
Elliptic curves and sieve methods
15 April 2002
Alejandra Premat
(U. of Alberta)
Crystal Bases and Young Tableaux

22 April 2002
M.R. R. Moghaddam            
(Ferdowsi University, IRAN)
Varietal Multiplier of Groups 


 Marcelo Aguiar (Texas)  
The End

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