Linear Algebra I (Math 1021, Section B) FALL 2022

The FIRST class is September 8, 2022.
The class is meeting on Tuesday (Room DB 0001) and Thursday (CLH F) from 14:30 to 15:50.
Lyryx link for quizz and other info are found on eClass: (follow this link to access eClass).

Nantel Bergeron (Professor)

e-mail: bergeron (at) yorku (dot) ca
Office hour: Tuesday 1:00PM to 2:00PM (DB 2029)

Math Lab

TA: Surin Singh
Math Lab hours: TBA
Studentare welcome to go to MathLab at other times to get help.


Linear Algebra with Applications by W. Keith Nicholson This is a free PDF book online with resourses (see eClass for more tools). Note that the book is free but the mandatory access to Lyryx is reasonable but not free

Course description:

Systems of linear equations, matrix algebra, determinants and diagonalization, vector geometry, and the vector space $R^n$. The plan is to cover material from the first 5 chapters of the text book. Some material may be skipped or added depending on our needs. The course will deal with the computations of solving linear equations as well as abstract concepts.
Prerequisites: Advanced Functions (MHF4U) or equivalent.
Course credit exclusions: SC/MATH 1025 3.00, SC/MATH 2221 3.00, GL/MATH/MODR2650 3.00.
More detailed description can be found on the eClass page of the class.


Grades will determined by the following scheme with final grade assigned according to York University's grading scheme. There will be quizzes assignments online using Lyryx. The due dates for the quiz assignments will be found in lyryx. The test will be 70 minutes long (during the class of Oct 20). The Final Exam will be 3 hours long (with date to be determined).

Course Policies:

Missed or late quiz: Quizzes are completed online using Lyryx. Late quizz will not be axcepted. Students are encouraged to start practicing their work on quiz lab early.
Missed test: Students with a documented reason for missing the test, such as illness, compassionate grounds, etc., which is confirmed by supporting documentation (e.g., doctor's letter) may request accommodation from the Course Instructor in the form of transferring the weight of the missed test to the final exam.
Missed final exam: The instructor must be notified by email no later than 24 hours after the missed final exam. To make up the final exam, an Attending Physicians Statement (APS) must be completed by the students health provider, and a clear photo or scan of the APS must be emailed to the instructor within 48 hours of the missed exam. The APS form can be downloaded from http: // No other form of doctors note will be accepted. The student must also complete and submit the Final Exam/Assignment Deferred Standing Agreement form within one week after the missed final exam. If the APS meets the above requirements the in- structor will sign the deferred standing agreement and the student will write an exam set by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. If, however, the APS does not meet the above requirements, there will be no agreement to de- ferred standing and the student must petition their home Faculty.

Academic Integrity:

All Students are Expected to Engage in Academically Honest Work Academic integrity benefits everyone in our community. It not only helps you reach the real goal of this class-learning, but also allows for the university and program to be perceived positively by others. When students are dishonest, they lose out on valuable learning that will help them perform well in their career. It can also negatively impact all of the students in the program and at the institution by creating negative mindsets which may result in fewer outside learning opportunities for students. Academic dishonesty is any attempt by a student to gain academic advantage through dishonest means or to assist another student with gaining an unfair advantage. Academic integrity is important regardless of whether the work is graded or ungraded, group or individual, written or oral. Dishonest acts are major academic offences and carry serious penalties, ranging from a failing grade on the plagiarized work to expulsion from the university. For more details, see York's Academic Honesty Policy and information on Academic Integrity for Students. This is particularly important in these time of isolation with the pandemic.

Nantel Bergeron
Office: DB 2029 (Dahdaleh Building)
tel: 416-736-2100 x 33968
email address: bergeron at yorku dot ca
Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
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York University
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