Math 1021.03 Section A Fall 2004

Location: CLH H  Time: Tu/Th 8:30-10am

Instructor: Mike Zabrocki
Office: TEL 3046  Hours: Tu/Th 10am-11:30am
Telephone: 416-736-2100 x33980
E-mail: zabrocki at mathstat dot yorku dot ca

Announcement: The  final exam is scheduled for December 13, 2004 at 7pm.
You will be allowed one page of notes (8.5" x 11") two sided and a calculator (again, make sure that it doesn't do linear algebra).
The exam will be held in TEL 0005 and TEL 0006 (the basement of the TEL  building).
I have finished the solutions to the 4th quiz.
solution to the white quiz - solution to the blue quiz
questions for the review
The math lab will be open during finals week. Here is the message I got from them:

Please let your students know that Mathlab Fall04 will remain open during exam-period in the following days and time:

- Dec 07 (11:00-3:00)
- Dec 08 (11:00-3:00)
- Dec 09 (11:00-3:00)
- Dec 10 (11:00-3:00)
- Dec 14 (11:00-2:00)
- Dec 15 (11:00-2:00)
- Dec 16 (11:00-2:00)
I will be in my office on Thursday, December 9 from 12-2pm if you would like to ask some questions about the material in the class. I will answer questions by e-mail, but I will not answer (or even acknowledge) questions of the sort that ask what or how many questions there will be on the exam.
The grades for this class are posted here.  If you would like to see your final then you may write me for an appointment.  You may not keep the exam

Linear equations, Gaussian elimination, matrices, determinants, diagonalization, vector geometry, and various applications.

MATH LAB: Assistance with mathematical questions on the course or the homework is available at the "Mathematics and Statistics Laboratory," room S525 Ross.  For more information visit the web page.

W. Keith Nicholson, Linear Algebra with Applications, Fourth  Edition,

SYLLABUS:    We will study the following sections of the book:
                      Chapter 1:   sections 1.1 - 1.3  and 1.6
                      Chapter 2:   sections 2.1 - 2.4  and 2.6
                      Chapter 3:   sections 3.1 - 3.5
                      Chapter 4:   sections 4.1 - 4.4
                      Chapter 5:   sections 5.1 - 5.2  and 5.4

HOMEWORK: You are expected to do all of the assigned homework.  The problems will not be collected but we will discuss them in class. Experience has shown that the only way to learn math is to do it - math is not a spectator sport!   The quizzes will resemble the homework problems so if you have done the homework, you should find them straightforward.
An updated list of homework problems may be found here.

EXAMS:     There will be four quizzes, one in-class midterm test and a comprehensive final exam.
Quizzes:            Sept. 23,  Oct. 7,  Nov. 4,  Nov. 18.
Midterm test:     Thursday,  Oct. 21.

MARKS: The final exam will count as 40% of your mark, the midterm test will count as 30%, and the quizzes will count as 10% each (take the best 3 out of 4 quizzes).

MISSED TESTS:  There will be no make-ups for missed quizzes or in-class tests. Upon presentation of documentation of a valid excuse, the corresponding percentage of the final mark will be added to the final exam. With no presentation of such documentation a grade of zero will be entered for the missed quizzes or tests.

      Rosh Hashanah (no class) : September 16
      Last date to drop Fall Term courses without receiving a grade : Nov 12
      Last day of class : Dec 2

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