Example from worksheet continued

Did you really draw 5 partitions? If not, it is absolutely pointless for you to continue.
As a hint, you will be decomposing these partitions into a 3x3 Durfee square (the part of the diagram below in red), a partition with parts of size 1 or 3 (the part of the diagram in green) and a partition with an even number of parts of size 1, 2, and 3 turned on its side (the parts of the diagram in blue).

If you understand the colored picture above, you should easily be able to draw me 10 more diagrams in this set.

You will need to explain what is going on in this problem in words when you write up something similar to this for the forum, but here I am not only showing you the solution to the problem, but how to solve it.

So now that you have figured out completely what this set of partitions is about you can click here to see the rest of the solution.

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