Topics for presentations

Fermat's Little Theorem Sec 3-2 Paul Aniceto 10/11/07
Wilson's Theorem Sec 3-3 Abbasi Nader 10/18/07
solving congruences Sec 5-1, 5-2 Catherine Roberts 11/01/07
chinese remainder theorem Sec 5-3 Jennifer Woodcock 11/08/07
Mu, phi, d and sigma Sec 6-1, 6-2 Laxmi Goyat 11/15/07
multiplicative functions Sec 6-3 Violetta Constintine 11/22/07
primitive roots Sec 7-1, 7-2 Peggi Rieger 11/29/07
Jacobi and Legendre symbols Sec 9-1, 9-2 Abbas Bhutti 12/06/07
pseudo-primality testing Not in book Karuna 01/03/08
RSA Not in book Pierre Cuschieri 01/10/08
Unsolved problems in number theory Not in book (sec 8-3) Louis Lim (Goldbach's conjecture) 01/10/08
Digital Signatures (coord with RSA) Not in book Vince Glavine 01/10/08
Topic in the history of number theory
Michael Cuda (Ramanujin and his identities) 01/17/08
Factorization algorithms Not in book Nwosu Kelechi 01/24/08
Intro to Elliptic curves Not in book Thomas Tauts 01/24/08
Sum of 4 squares theorem Sec 11-2 Etleva Malltezi 01/31/08
Fermat's Last Theorem and A. Weil Not in book (sec 11-2) Malgorzata Puzniak 01/31/08
Use of computers in number theory Sec 3-4 Radcliff Heron 02/07/08
Topic in the history of number theory Betty Nelsons 02/21/08
Topic in the history of number theory
Regiane Filizolia (Mersenne) 02/28/08
Topic in the history of number theory
Vidak Curic (magic squares) 03/20/08
partitions which fit in a rectangle Not in book Danielle Richer 03/27/08
Topic in the history of number theory
Mario Soster (pascal's triangle) 03/20/08
Jacobi triple product identity Sec 13-2
Ferrer's diagrams and partition ident. Sec 12-4
distrib. primes & Tchebychev's ineq Sec 8-1, 8-2
Möbius inversion Sec 6-4
quadratic reciprocity Sec 9-3
card shuffling Sec 4-3
Note this table was last updated Feb 7, 2007. If you do not have a presentation topic or if your topic is listed incorrectly here then please contact me right away. If you are doing an historical topic or another subject which is not from the book or on the list please prepare some outline of what you are planning to present and discuss it with me.