The Applied Algebra Seminar
A Monday afternoon research seminar

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The seminar is currently organized by Carolina Benedetti , Nantel Bergeron and Yannic Vargas.

The seminar has been running since 1997. The topics of talks have typically been any mixture of algebra with any other field: combinatorics, geometry, topology, physics, etc. Further down this page you will find links to the seminar webpages for previous years. The audience usually consists of 6–12 people, including several graduate students and post-docs. For this reason, speakers are encouraged to devote a portion of their talk to the suggestion of open problems and the directions for research in their area. If you are interested in speaking at the seminar, contact Carolina Benedetti, Nantel Bergeron or Yannic Vargas.

You may also be interested in the Algebraic Combinatorics Seminar at the Fields Institute.


Dates are listed in reverse-chronological order. Unless otherwise indicated, all talks will take place on Monday from 14:30-15:30 in N638 Ross Building (York University).

Date Speaker Title (click titles for abstract)
30 Nov. 2015
Bridget Tenner
(DePaul U.)
30 Nov. 2015
Brendan Pawlowski
(U. of Minnesota)
23 Nov. 2015
Alex Yong
(U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
16 Nov. 2015
Aaron Lauve
(Loyola U. Chicago)
9 Nov. 2015
Kiumars Kaveh
(U. of Pittsburgh)

2 Nov. 2015
Johannes Rauh
(York U.)

Markov bases:
how to use them and how to compute them
26 Oct. 2015
19 Oct. 2015
Rebecca Patrias
(U. of Minnesota)
Dual filtered graphs
Using the Hecke insertion algorithm of Buch-Kresh-Shimozono-Tamvakis-Yong, we define a K-theoretic analogue of Fomin's dual graded graphs called dual filtered graphs. The key formula in the definition is DU-UD=D+I. We discuss two main constructions of dual filtered graphs: the Mobius construction, which corresponds to natural insertion algorithms, and the Pieri construction, which is an algebraic construction. This is work with Pasha Pylyavskyy.
12 Oct. 2015
5 Oct. 2015
Eric Katz
(U. of Waterloo)
Hodge Theory on Matroids
The chromatic polynomial of a graph counts its proper colourings. This polynomial's coefficients were conjectured to form a unimodal sequence by Read in 1968. This conjecture was extended by Rota in his 1970 address to assert the log-concavity of the characteristic polynomial of matroids which are the common generalizations of graphs and linear subspaces. We discuss the resolution of this conjecture which is joint work with Karim Adiprasito and June Huh. The solution draws on ideas from the theory of algebraic varieties, specifically Hodge theory, showing how a question about graph theory leads to a solution involving Grothendieck's standard conjectures.


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