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Fall 2004 expected schedule: ANY SUGGESTIONS? (email us!)

There is also a working seminar at Fields (click here for more details)
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27 Sept.
Joel Kamnitzer
(UC Berkeley)
Crystals and coboundary categories
4 Oct.
Christophe Hohlweg
(Fields and York)
The Solomon descent algebra homomorphism.
11 Oct.

18 Oct.
Mike Zabrocki
(York University)
Avoiding patterns with finite automata -Part I
25 Oct.
Mike Zabrocki
(York University)
Avoiding patterns with finite automata -Part II
1 Nov.
Kyle Petersen
(Brandeis U.)
Descent algebras and P-partitions
8 Nov.
Dror Bar-Natan
(U. of T)
Categorification, Trace Groups, Matrix Factorizations and
a Question Nantel Quickly Solved
 (more details here)
15 Nov.
David Promislow
Supermodular Functions on Lattices
19 Nov.
Srecko Brlek

29 Nov.
Marni Mishna
Classifying walks in the quarter plane


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