Graduate Level Applied Algebra (Math 6121) FALL 2023

The FIRST class is SEPTEMBER 7, 2022.
The class is meeting on Tuesday (Vari Hall 1018) and Thursday (Ross S128) from 10:00 to 11:20.
For registered students, more information is available on the eClass page of the class (follow this link to access eClass),

Nantel Bergeron

e-mail: bergeron (at) yorku (dot) ca
Office: 2029 Dahdaleh Building


Algebra, T. W. Hungerford, GTM Springer. (recommended but not required)
Abstract Algebra, Dummit and Foote, Willey. (Highly recommended but not required)
An Introduction to Computational Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra, D. A. Cox, J. Little and D. O'shea, UTM Springer (recommended but not required)
The Symmetric Group , Bruce Sagan, Springer GTM 203 (recommended but not required)


Students will be evaluated on five aspects (which are parts of the life of any living mathematician). The final grade will be base on the average of the best three. 5 Participation in class (Being there, asking questions, being curious, etc.) is ALSO an important aspect of the evaluation. It may help increase any of your average above by up to 10%.

Academic Integrity:

All Students are Expected to Engage in Academically Honest Work Academic integrity benefits everyone in our community. It not only helps you reach the real goal of this class-learning, but also allows for the university and program to be perceived positively by others. When students are dishonest, they lose out on valuable learning that will help them perform well in their career. It can also negatively impact all of the students in the program and at the institution by creating negative mindsets which may result in fewer outside learning opportunities for students. Academic dishonesty is any attempt by a student to gain academic advantage through dishonest means or to assist another student with gaining an unfair advantage. Academic integrity is important regardless of whether the work is graded or ungraded, group or individual, written or oral. Dishonest acts are major academic offences and carry serious penalties, ranging from a failing grade on the plagiarized work to expulsion from the university. For more details, see York's Academic Honesty Policy and information on Academic Integrity for Students.

I plan as follow:

Reference DF=Dummit and foote, and S=Sagan. This could be useful if you want to work on some exercises. Just pick some in those chapter.
Remember that it is important to work the math in order to learn it.

Midterm (Oct 20): include Linear algebra, Basic groups theory, Jordan-Holder, Sylow Theorem;
Basic Representation Theory: definition of G-module, Representation, invariant subspace (G-submodule), G-morphism.

Proposed Presentation, Project and Applications:

My list is not inclusive and is just suggestions

Nantel Bergeron
Office: 2029 Dahdaleh Building
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