random design

Below is a rough schedule of how I expect this class to proceed and important dates.  You can expect to see this schedule revised as the course develops. You are expected to show up for lectures and be aware of any changes to the tentative schedule that I am providing for you here.
Page numbers in parentheses refer to the book 'Cryptography: An Introduction' by Nigel Smart.
Lecture Schedule
Thursday, September 8

Tuesday, September 13
classical ciphers -Caesar, Vigenere, Rectangular transposition

Thursday, Septemeber 15
classical ciphers- homophonic, Playfair, ADFGVX, snail

Tuesday, September 20
classical ciphers- Hill, Vernam
Quiz 1
Thursday, September 22
Introduction to probability, roulette, craps
return QZ1
Tuesday, September 27
More introduction to probability

Thursday, September 29
Applications of probability to codebreaking
Quiz 2
Tuesday, October 4
Rosh Hashanah - no class

Thursday, October 6
Breaking vigenere and rectangular transposition,
return QZ2
Tuesday, October 11
More breaking rectangular transposition and index of coincidence (p.63)

Thursday, October 13
Yom Kippur - no class

Tuesday, October 18
introduction to information theory (p. 77-79)

Thursday, October 20
test for monoalph subst, Monty Hall paradox
Quiz 3
Tuesday, October 25
review Quiz 3, unicity distance
return QZ3
Thursday, October 27
entropy of English
Quiz 4
Tuesday, November 1 Perfect secrecy
return QZ4
Thursday, November 3
Quiz 5
Tuesday, November 8 Trees and codes
return QZ5
Thursday, November 10 Computer assignement due
Quiz 6
Tuesday, November 15 number theory and RSA (p. 143-156)

Thursday, November 17 number theory and RSA (p. 165-178, 12-22)
return QZ6
Tuesday, November 22 number theory and RSA

Thursday, November 24
Quiz 7
Tuesday, November 29
DES (p. 89-102), key distribution, discrete logs (p. 189-212)

Thursday, December 1

Quiz 8
Tuesday, December 6
Knapsack - Last day of class

Saturday, December 10
Final exam 7-10pm

The grade for this course will be based on three components listed below.  The final grade will be curved and will not be based on the absolute system of reference.

random design