Course Description

Course Description

Homework, solutions, handouts

Math 6120- Modern Algebra

    Course Description:

This course presents some important elements of modern algebra, as described by the following headings: group theory (Sylow theorems, finitely generated abelian groups, group presentations), category theory (adjoint funtors, limits), ring and module theory (unique factorization domains, free modules, finitely generated modules over a PID, tensor products, exactness); field theory (field extensions, Galois theory).

This course meets twice a week, Tuesday/Thursday from 1pm-2:30pm in CFA 304.

The course will follow the book 'Abstract Algebra' by Dummit & Foote, Wiley, 3rd Edition.

Prof. Mike Zabrocki
Office: TEL 3046
Office Hours: by appointment
email :

Course Evaluation:
Midterm and Final exam: 40%
Homework: 60%

Check here for any handouts, homework and solutions.


March 31, 2005: The final/comprehensive exam for this course will be held 11-2pm, Friday April 8 in TEL 3062.

January 19, 2005: Our next class (Thursday Jan 20) will be held in N604 from 1-2:30. We will be doing the exercises from the handout that I gave in class last time.

December sometime: The date and time and place of the 'mid-term' exam is
Tuesday, December 14.  1-4pm
TEL 3062 - (3rd floor on the side of the building closest to the Tim Horton's)