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Math 6161- Algebraic Combinatorics :
Symmetric Functions

The following are computer labs which we use Maple to represent algebraic concepts and do computations. Some of the examples may not be well enough documented to follow with attending the class but if you have an questions please feel free to e-mail me (don't just try the computation without trying to understand what it demonstrates).

These worksheets were done in Maple V Release 5. It is unfortunate that Maple has not released a version of Maple 8 for the system that I use. They have been promising a version for Mac OSX for years now and there is no release date set. For now it is the most useful computer algebra system for the types of computations that we will do in this class and I can't find a replacement.
The labs I list below will be edited as time goes on. I sometimes need to correct them and edit them as I find bugs and add features. The first one is on groups, matrix representations and modules. There are problems that go with these labs to be found on the running list of homework assignments listed on the handouts page.

May 6, 8, 13, 15, 20 Groups, Matrix representations and Modules
June 5 Symmetric functions