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18ème conférence internationale : Séries Formelles et Combinatoire Algébrique

19 au 23 juin 2006, San-Diego, Californie
Catamaran Resort Hotel, Pacific Beach, USA

Affiches pour le jeudi 22 juin 2006

A new construction of the Loday-Ronco algebra
Maxime Rey

Graded Graphs and Fomin's $r$-correspondences associated to the Hopf Algebras of Planar Binary Trees, Quasi-symmetric Functions and Noncommutative Symmetric Functions
Janvier Nzeutchap

Strong Descent Numbers and Turán Type Theorems
Ron M. Adin and Yuval Roichman

Green polynomials at roots of unity and its application
Hideaki Morita

New results on the combinatorial invariance of KL-polynomials
Federico Incitti

The number of Z-convex polyominoes
Enrica Duchi, Simone Rinaldi and Gilles Schaeffer

A Rook Theory Model for the Generalized p,q-Stirling Numbers of the First and Second Kind
Karen Briggs

Hankel Determinants for Some Common Lattice Paths
Robert Sulanke and Guoce Xin

General Augmented Rook Boards & Product Formulas
Brian Miceli

Some Expansions of the Dual Basis of $Z_{\lambda}$
Amanda Riehl

The $m$-colored composition poset
Brian Drake and T. Kyle Petersen

A general bijection for a class of walks on the slit plane
Philippe Nadeau

Enumerating Bases of Self-Dual Matroids
Molly Maxwell

Classifying ascents and descents with specified equivalences mod k
Jeffrey Liese

A Labelling of the Faces in the Shi Arrangement
Felipe Rincon

Restricted Dumont permutations, Dyck paths, and noncrossing partitions
Alexander Burstein, Sergi Elizalde and Toufik Mansour

Restricted Patience Sorting and Pattern Avoidance
Alexander Burstein and Isaiah Lankham

Octahedrons with equally many lattice points and generalizations
Thomas Stoll and Robert F. Tichy

Pattern avoiding doubly alternating permutations
Erik Ouchterlony

"Elliptic" enumeration of nonintersecting lattice paths
Michael Schlosser

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