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18ème conférence internationale : Séries Formelles et Combinatoire Algébrique

19 au 23 juin 2006, San-Diego, Californie
Catamaran Resort Hotel, Pacific Beach, USA

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Actes sont disponibles du le 3 juin 2006. Individuel communications sont également disponibles ci-dessous.


Schur positivity and Schur log-concavity
Thomas Lam, Alexander Postnikov and Pavlo Pylyavskyy

Multivariate Fuss-Catalan numbers and B-quasisymmetric functions
Jean-Christophe Aval

Polynomial realizations of some trialgebras
Jean-Christophe Novelli and Jean-Yves Thibon

Nonnegativity properties of the dual canonical basis
Mark Skandera

Finite Generation of Symmetric Ideals
Christopher Hillar and Matthias Aschenbrenner

On the chromatic symmetric function of a tree
Jeremy Martin and Jennifer Wagner

Bijective counting of Kreweras walks and loopless triangulations
Olivier Bernardi

Braided differential calculus and quantum Schubert calculus
Anatol Kirillov and Toshiaki Maeno

Characterization of Eulerian binomial and Sheffer posets
Richard Ehrenborg and Margaret Readdy

On the Number of Factorizations of a Full Cycle
John Irving

Central Delannoy numbers, Legendre polynomials, and a balanced join operation preserving the Cohen-Macaulay property
Gabor Hetyei

On the characteristic map of finite unitary groups
Nathaniel Thiem and C. Ryan Vinroot

Coincidences among skew Schur functions
Victor Reiner, Kristin Shaw and Stephanie van Willigenburg

Virtual crystal structure on rigged configurations
Anne Schilling

Kempf collapsing and quiver loci
Allen Knutson and Mark Shimozono

The Horn recursion for Schur $P$- and $Q$-functions
Kevin Purbhoo and Frank Sottile

Matrix compositions
Emanuele Munarini, Maddalena Poneti and Simone Rinaldi

An analogue of the Robinson-Schensted-Knuth Algorithm and its application to standard bases
Sarah Mason

The combinatorics of frieze patterns and Markoff numbers
James Propp

Clusters, Coxeter-sortable elements and noncrossing partitions
Nathan Reading

From Orbital varieties to Alternating Sign Matrices
Philippe Di Francesco and Paul Zinn-Justin

Shellable complexes and topology of diagonal arrangements
Sangwook Kim

Bounds on the number of inference functions of a graphical model
Sergi Elizalde and Kevin Woods

Combinatorial aspects of elliptic curves
Gregg Musiker

On the Combinatorics of Crystal Graphs
Cristian Lenart

A Bijection for Unicellular Partitioned Bicolored Maps
Ekaterina Vassilieva and Gilles Schaeffer

Representation theories of some towers of algebras related to the symmetric groups and their Hecke algebras
Nicolas M. Thiéry and Florent Hivert

Ehrhart polynomials of lattice-face polytopes
Fu Liu

Flag arrangements and triangulations of products of simplices
Federico Ardila and Sara Billey

A Proof of the q, t-Square Conjecture
Mahir Can and Nicholas Loehr


On the complexity of computing Kostka numbers and Littlewood- Richardson coefficients
Hariharan Narayanan

Overpartitions, lattice paths and Rogers-Ramanujan identities
Sylvie Corteel and Olivier Mallet

Bijections of trees arising from Voiculescu's free probability theory
Artur Jez and Piotr Sniady

Schubert polynomials for the affine Grassmannian
Thomas Lam

Counting unrooted hypermaps on closed orientable surface
Alexander Mednykh and Roman Nedela

Algebraic shifting of cyclic polytopes and stacked polytopes
Satoshi Murai

Macdonald polynomials at roots of unity
Francois Descouens and Hideaki Morita

Enumeration of Bruhat intervals between nested involutions in $S_{n}$
Alessandro Conflitti

Area of Catalan Paths on a Checkerboard
Szu-En Cheng, Sen-Peng Eu and Tung-Shan Fu

The Andrews-Stanley partition function and Al-Salam-Chihara polynomials
Masao Ishikawa and Jiang Zeng

Kazhdan-Lusztig immanants and products of matrix minors, II
Brendon Rhoades and Mark Skandera

A Spectral Approach to Pattern-Avoiding Permutations
Richard Ehrenborg, Sergey Kitaev and Peter Perry

Pieri's Formula for Generalized Schur Polynomials
Yasuhide Numata

Enriched $P$-partitions and peak algebras of types A and B
T. Kyle Petersen

Conjugacy in Permutation Representations of the Symmetric Group
Yona Cherniavsky and Mishael Sklarz

Algebraic structures on Grothendieck groups of a tower of algebras
Huilan Li

The Chromatic Symmetric Function of Symmetric and Near-Symmetric Caterpillars
Matthew Morin

Statistics on Signed Permutations Groups
Micharl Fire

An algorithm to describe bijections involving Dyck paths
Yvan Le Borgne

On bar partitions and spin character zeros
Christine Bessenrodt

A new construction of the Loday-Ronco algebra
Maxime Rey

Graded Graphs and Fomin's $r$-correspondences associated to the Hopf Algebras of Planar Binary Trees, Quasi-symmetric Functions and Noncommutative Symmetric Functions
Janvier Nzeutchap

Strong Descent Numbers and Turán Type Theorems
Ron M. Adin and Yuval Roichman

Green polynomials at roots of unity and its application
Hideaki Morita

New results on the combinatorial invariance of KL-polynomials
Federico Incitti

The number of Z-convex polyominoes
Enrica Duchi, Simone Rinaldi and Gilles Schaeffer

A Rook Theory Model for the Generalized p,q-Stirling Numbers of the First and Second Kind
Karen Briggs

Hankel Determinants for Some Common Lattice Paths
Robert Sulanke and Guoce Xin

General Augmented Rook Boards & Product Formulas
Brian Miceli

Some Expansions of the Dual Basis of $Z_{\lambda}$
Amanda Riehl

The $m$-colored composition poset
Brian Drake and T. Kyle Petersen

A general bijection for a class of walks on the slit plane
Philippe Nadeau

Enumerating Bases of Self-Dual Matroids
Molly Maxwell

Classifying ascents and descents with specified equivalences mod k
Jeffrey Liese

A Labelling of the Faces in the Shi Arrangement
Felipe Rincon

Restricted Dumont permutations, Dyck paths, and noncrossing partitions
Alexander Burstein, Sergi Elizalde and Toufik Mansour

Restricted Patience Sorting and Pattern Avoidance
Alexander Burstein and Isaiah Lankham

Octahedrons with equally many lattice points and generalizations
Thomas Stoll and Robert F. Tichy

Pattern avoiding doubly alternating permutations
Erik Ouchterlony

"Elliptic" enumeration of nonintersecting lattice paths
Michael Schlosser

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